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Haven't posted in a long time...just saying that I'm no longer working for the State Of California Child Welfare System...IBM made a business decision to hire a couple of relatively inexperienced programmers to replace me.  I already had next year's interim fixes done, but they will be hard pressed to produce a major release next year without finding a third developer with some experience.  They were also very rude by asking me to leave the same day as they made their decision...wouldn't let my friends there talk to me or anything...IBM is off my list of employers to whom I will offer my talent...they may have been a good company at one time, but they really need to update their management with people that care about the product and have some business accumen.

This place is soooo stupid

This Live Journal application is stale...gutless.  There's no description of where the links go and what I can find there.  Most links seem to just open a page which isn't related and doesn't go anywhere.  There's no clear function to what most of the things do.  There's no feedback from anything I post except negative feedback.

After spending several years trying to make use of this place I give up...perhaps some people find this place useful, but I haven't. 

Vegans on Live Journal suck!

I spent years trying to help the sick and twisted vegans in Veganism.  I finally asked them for help and they mostly just condemned me for trying to fix the world so I can race.  Apparently, most vegans are sick most of the time and refuse to select foods that contain vitamins and minerals...they tend to follow fad diets and eat only carbs or no carbs or whatever the fad is at the time.  I'm through with the Veganism community here...I've stopped following it...good riddance.

Another Post

Well...the poor economy has finally hit me...10% cut in my wages.  I fought it, but it was company wide.  I did get a concession though which will allow me to take a 2 week vacation.

The girl at the bread shop turned out to be just weird.  I kept asking her to do things with me from karting or tennis and she kept saying yes, but never going.  On the otherhand I finally found a girl that is vegetarian (still eats eggs and dairy, but used to be vegan and I believe wants to be vegan and will become vegan with m help).  She rescues all creatures even insects from bad situations like I do.  She likes Hard Rock and even plays electric guitar like I do.  She likes science fiction including Harry Potter like I do.  She's an absolute perfect match.  All except that she lives in Rochester NY and I live in Sacramento CA.

I am planning on flying out to meet her, or perhaps flying her out to CA to meet me.  It seems very sudden and perhaps rash to some people, but I believe I will ask her to move in with me if our in-person contact results in warm fuzzy feelings.  I thought about the times I've simply had roommates and realized that when it's finding roommates I'm willing to just go by first impressions.  Obviously, I know that a live-in girlfriend is much more serious than just a roommate, but the same risk is involved regarding their character...any of my roommates could have totally screwed me over, but they didn't.  I think I am a very good judge of character even after just a few minutes of conversation.  I think she's equal to my own or perhaps even more if that's possible.

This is a huge step for me.  I'm 51 and never had a girlfriend before (and no other form of sexual relationship either).  So, this is something that will finally make me happy.

Jun. 20th, 2009

Maybe I should make a comment here once a week or so.  My job at IBM seems to be stabilizing.  I've been there 1 year and 4 months now...team lead finally trusts me...I think.  I still have not found a girl that will even talk to me.  It seemed like a girl at the bread shop I had been visiting liked what she saw in me, but I've invited her to two activities and although she said she wanted to go she failed to...the message I left for her may not have been delivered so I shouldn't read anything into her not calling me to explain why she doesn't want to see me outside of the bread shop.  When I asked her if she would play tennis with me she seemed to be expecting me to suggest some other activity. 

I don't understand why girls don't have thoughts on relationship activities.  It seems that they spend a lot of time developing expectations and desires, but don't recognize when an opportunity presents itself.  For example if she didn't want to drive go-karts or play tennis then she should have said she didn't want to, but if she wanted to see me then she should have suggested another activity.  She's not a vegan but once she said she loved tofutti; however, that doesn't make me want to have lunch with her because it's still likely that she would embarass me by asking for an animal to be killed and cut into bits.  Why can't girls just ask a guy to see them outside of work?  Why do they want to talk during work?  Does anybody know?

LiveJournal Post

Interesting....I keep forgetting about this area.  I wonder if this is what everyone sees when they look at my profile?  I wish there was some help or a description of the features...mostly what I find in LiveJournal is advertising for paid memberships, but even then it doesn't really describe what I would be getting.

Shoe Source: Payless

I've just noticed this area.  I've been a Vegan for several decades now.  For shoes I go to http://www.payless.com/ which has stores nearby.  They always have a great selection of shoes that are 100% man-made materials.  They carry both casual and dress shoes.  I cannot vouch for their women's shoes, so you will need to check them out for yourselves.



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