Steve Wood (stevewood) wrote,
Steve Wood

Maybe I should make a comment here once a week or so.  My job at IBM seems to be stabilizing.  I've been there 1 year and 4 months lead finally trusts me...I think.  I still have not found a girl that will even talk to me.  It seemed like a girl at the bread shop I had been visiting liked what she saw in me, but I've invited her to two activities and although she said she wanted to go she failed to...the message I left for her may not have been delivered so I shouldn't read anything into her not calling me to explain why she doesn't want to see me outside of the bread shop.  When I asked her if she would play tennis with me she seemed to be expecting me to suggest some other activity. 

I don't understand why girls don't have thoughts on relationship activities.  It seems that they spend a lot of time developing expectations and desires, but don't recognize when an opportunity presents itself.  For example if she didn't want to drive go-karts or play tennis then she should have said she didn't want to, but if she wanted to see me then she should have suggested another activity.  She's not a vegan but once she said she loved tofutti; however, that doesn't make me want to have lunch with her because it's still likely that she would embarass me by asking for an animal to be killed and cut into bits.  Why can't girls just ask a guy to see them outside of work?  Why do they want to talk during work?  Does anybody know?
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