Steve Wood (stevewood) wrote,
Steve Wood

Another Post

Well...the poor economy has finally hit me...10% cut in my wages.  I fought it, but it was company wide.  I did get a concession though which will allow me to take a 2 week vacation.

The girl at the bread shop turned out to be just weird.  I kept asking her to do things with me from karting or tennis and she kept saying yes, but never going.  On the otherhand I finally found a girl that is vegetarian (still eats eggs and dairy, but used to be vegan and I believe wants to be vegan and will become vegan with m help).  She rescues all creatures even insects from bad situations like I do.  She likes Hard Rock and even plays electric guitar like I do.  She likes science fiction including Harry Potter like I do.  She's an absolute perfect match.  All except that she lives in Rochester NY and I live in Sacramento CA.

I am planning on flying out to meet her, or perhaps flying her out to CA to meet me.  It seems very sudden and perhaps rash to some people, but I believe I will ask her to move in with me if our in-person contact results in warm fuzzy feelings.  I thought about the times I've simply had roommates and realized that when it's finding roommates I'm willing to just go by first impressions.  Obviously, I know that a live-in girlfriend is much more serious than just a roommate, but the same risk is involved regarding their character...any of my roommates could have totally screwed me over, but they didn't.  I think I am a very good judge of character even after just a few minutes of conversation.  I think she's equal to my own or perhaps even more if that's possible.

This is a huge step for me.  I'm 51 and never had a girlfriend before (and no other form of sexual relationship either).  So, this is something that will finally make me happy.
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